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Born in the meta-verse, and made for reality.  Crypto drip is one of the only NFT streetwear collectible brands on the market.  We incentivize our patrons to Invest in defi by including our apparel as unlockable content that comes with our Nfts.  Each purchase comes with unlockable, collectible Apparel straight from the meta verse.  The more popular we become, the more valuable our pieces and digital content become.  We encourage our fans to buy sell and trade crypto drip on the secondary market.  we believe fashion can be social, we believe we can elevate together!    

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Crypto Drip is non-fungible, crypto streetwear minted in the meta-verse and made for the real world. Each purchase unlocks matching collectible apparel. The [C]reator ETH T-shirt will only be held by our graphic designer G-Roc Boogie and our founder Lorde Sanctus


1. Visit

2. Create a free wallet

3.  Add a payment method

4. Purchase Crypto Drip Collectibles (Dropping in May)